New Luxury

New Luxury
The all-new BMW 7 Series sets standards: new innovations, new design and an altogether new way of experiencing luxury. That is why a sneak preview in the Arabian Gulf needs one thing above all: a new idea for a closed-room staging.

The task:

The all-new BMW 7 Series, the new flagship vehicle of automotive luxury, banks on a new and modern concept of luxury and lots of innovations. A closed-room event for VIP guests in the United Arab Emirates, long before SOC, should convey just that.


The idea:

The Private Room.

A beachfront villa on a private island – one of the most exclusive hot spots in Abu Dhabi – provided the perfect setting for the pre-SOC event. Even the interior rooms of the villa were matched in minute detail to the character of the all-new BMW 7 Series: Everything, from room arrangement through specific design elements right up to the selection of materials, created a look & feel that perfectly matched the character of the vehicle.

At the back-to-back event, 300 VIP guests became acquainted with the innovations and design highlights in a relaxed and intimate ambiance; journeying by private yacht and hydroplane, they were able, even upon arrival, to delve into the product and brand world of the BMW 7 Series.

Lots of experience in automotive launch events, profound expertise in design, sensitive handling of exclusive target groups and an excellent logistics network on site made METZLER : VATER the ideal partner. In addition to the creative central theme, services included 3D design and implementation on site, presentation concept and facilitator training as well as transfer of the vehicle under the most stringent rules of confidentiality.


The result:

With the all-new BMW 7 Series Private Room, METZLER : VATER translated the classic closed-room format into an innovative, even more exclusive variant that provided participants with a unique brand and product experience – thus perfectly matching the sophisticated target groups of the Arabian market as well as the market positioning of the vehicle.

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